Tuesday, May 5, 2009


rack n roll sees its first kick ass race result in trans-iowa v5
andy stockman
7th place overall, 4th place SS
that is f---ing awesome! WAY TO GO

PS- it was andy who came up with the idea for water-bottle mounts on the rack

photos by k.steudel


Fxdwhl said...


Justin said...

That is really awesome. Is he from around here? I love the whole setup, especially the water bottles and EOS lights mounted right on the rack. Do you have a closer up shot of that?

D n L said...

he is from the left coast.
dont have any pictures, i yanked those off flickr.

Ari said...

Andy was the Coolest guy in the whole group. I also loved the jersey he was wearing.

malcolm said...

I've seen that bottle cage mounting system before (on a kogswell i think, can't remember). A great idea. Were the cages attached w/ hose clamps?

D n L said...

water bottle braze-ons on the rack, as seen here: