Friday, May 29, 2009


tuned up the time trial bike for a friend of mine... there was blood all over the bike, here is a nice crime-scene-esque bloody fingerprint on the chainstay.
this rack is coming along nicely. im not sure why i do the things i do sometimes!
faux piercing. when this is powdercoated it will look like the 5/16s tube pierces the 3/8, but it doesnt. if you look closely you can see the seam where the 3/8 tube ends butt against each other.
this next rack is basically done, just needs some sanding here and there, and to slot the holes on the fork crown strap.
some room to spare.
good thing those handlebars are 44cm wide!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

in the works

3 racks pretty close to completion

Thursday, May 21, 2009

new attachment method

trying out an axle mount for folks without eyelets.

rough cut, last one
brazed, ready to soak and finish
adequate clearance and a nice fit
full thread engagement

Thursday, May 14, 2009

adjustable cantilever mount porteur rack, pannier compatible

i started this rack a very very long time ago. id been working on it on and off, mostly off. i was putting off finishing the final cantilever and pannier attachments because i couldnt commit to the design. im happy with how it turned out.

here is the rack without the front pannier supports.
here it is with the pannier supports
this is a top-down view of one of the pannier thingys. if you look at the tab that mounts to the fender eyelet on the fork, i slotted the tube at an angle, and bent the tab (before brazing).
it is spaced far enough away from the rack to give ample clearance for pannier mounting clips. i checked the clearance with ortlieb and arkel panniers. both work just dandy. here it is installed:
so i designed the pannier mounts to also take advantage of low-rider braze-ons if present.
here is a photo of the rack in NON-lowrider mode:
here is a picture of it with the low-rider mounts in place. please pretend that there is actually a braze-on on the fork. i left enough space on the bracket to work with wider MTB touring forks. for road/cyclocross type bike shimming it with presta-nuts at the rack, or the fork, or both, will do the trick. you can also see there is ample adjustability to fit different bikes.
here is some detail shots of the adjustable cantilever mounts.
give lots of room for differing fork geometries. the mounts also work on 26" wheels
im thinking about drilling a second hole in the tab that affixes to the brake for even more adjustability. while mocking it up on different forks i found a second hole would give a lot more flexibility. more presta-nut spacers too.

some details of the platform


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more rack victories

crush the commonwealth, racing across PA from pittsburgh to philadelphia.
read all about this years race at lockringnotincluded. stay tuned for the rest of the saga. view his pictures at flickr. and the "official" site too.

seeing pictures of the racks in use, and subsequently kicking ass, momentarily stifles my own self-doubts. thank you rack users!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

trexlertown swap meet

this past saturday was the trexlertown swap meet.
there was some great stuff there this time around.
here's what we picked up:
sugino super-maxy (maybe mighty?) crankset, 110BCD, 171(!)mm
time atac alium
(2) salsa quills
shimano bar-end shifters (7spd)
generator powered head/tail lamp, english made
sturmey-archer dynohub
strada wireless computer, pink
bag of old school cantilever brakes

not pictured:
sram 9spd masterlink
cycling shorts

i love the swap!

Friday, May 8, 2009

past few days

been doing an assortment of things the past couple days
organized the shop space, got some stuff moved around, improved the "flow" quite a bit.

built a wheel for my friend
fancy wheel

frame update.... getting really close.

complex seat stay miter
fits pretty good

things left to do:
chain and seat stay bridges
cable stops
downtube shifter bosses
brake bosses

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


rack n roll sees its first kick ass race result in trans-iowa v5
andy stockman
7th place overall, 4th place SS
that is f---ing awesome! WAY TO GO

PS- it was andy who came up with the idea for water-bottle mounts on the rack

photos by k.steudel

forgot something!

on our ride saturday came across this pedal body on the shoulder of the road.

if it is on the floor the cats HAVE to inspect it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

weekend rain

rainy weekend. rain on fri, sat, and sun. boo.
friday afternoon we got out for a quick ride around the block. laura on the vintage folding bike, i rode my robin hood 3-spd. it began to pour halfway around the block. yes, laura took her beer for the ride.
then saturday it rained in the morning and evening. midday we managed to get out for a nice route laura planned. it was a BOB and Fred ride. laura on the go-fast light weight road bike, and i was on my truck-like cross check.


lots of dirt roads round here

final leg back to the homestead