Tuesday, April 7, 2009

un grande rejilla

starting out as some sub-assemblies
unusual jigature for tacking
was in the zone, nailed this cope perfectly on the first try.
one of many test fittings. i must have installed and removed this thing about a 1000 times throughout the course of the construction.
basic framework done, but a lot more criss-crossing to go.
front and rear for a kone ute.
dont study it too hard, you may get a headache.
at the powdercoater now. more detailed pics a'comin.


reverend dick said...

Wow. Nice work, Catfish.

Fxdwhl said...

holy shit! so that's why you've been so quiet. what color?

D n L said...

classic black of course

Tom said...

Colossal! Chapeau, monsieur. Looking forward to the detail. What's getting carried around on this?

D n L said...

>What's getting carried around on this?

whatever one can manage!
i was a little worried about the load bearing capacity of the cantilevered shelves, so to test i mounted it up and ended up standing on them, so i think they should suffice with normal loads if they can handle my fat-ass!