Friday, April 24, 2009

front triangle

done (minus a couple braze-ons)

TT coped and fit.
this was my second top-tube. the first one got nibbled a little too short trying to attain that perfect fit. oh well, into the "too short" pile. no worries though, it will get re-used.

dont touch, still hot. very hot. we will see how good these are after soaking off the flux and finishing them.

this one almost makes it look like i know what im doing!

so heres the nitty-gritty so far...

somehow things shortened up. the TT ended up being about 1cm shorter than the drawing.

botched the DT/BB. i had it tacked (4 tacks) and on the alignment table cold setting the HT into the same plane as the ST. the tacks popped. im guessing they didnt penetrate enough, or the amount of cold setting was too great. i dunno, either way i was pissed!

so i cleaned things up a bit and layed down a full fillet. during that process there was a bit of overheating of the DT here and there.

once i had that done then i needed to cold-set it to remove some HT twist. wow, i cant believe how much i had to lean on that sucker to get it aligned. no wonder the alignment table came with a massively long heavy cheater bar.

i am really kind of glad things went the way they did. i learned a few things so hopefully frame #2 will go a little smoother, and because i put that DT/BB through hell and had to cold set the heck out of things it will really give me a feel for how much BS the metal can withstand before it leads to premature failure. the only stipulation there is that i will need to ride this frame a lot to see if i can get it to fail. that may be the hard part!

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