Wednesday, April 29, 2009


this was REALLY hard.
the BB shell soaks up sooooo much heat, finding the correct balance between heating the shell and the thin walls of the tubing was quite challenging.


alex wetmore said...

Did you braze everything at once, or do it in two or three sub assemblies?

I have my DT and ST mitered up and hope to do the brazing this weekend.

D n L said...

started with the HT to DT, fully brazed that.

next was the seat tube to BB, tinned that all the way around.

then i precariously balanced the DT/HT sub-assembly on the BB/ST sub assembly and tinned that one.

then fit up the TT and fully brazed each end of that.

then once i had the chainstays mitered and prepped i tacked and tinned those to the BB. then i laid down the full fillet all the way around the BB/DT/ST/CS!

jason said...

looking good.
porteur rack has been powder coated and rocking.
fellow at the shop is starting to build frames and racks as well.

we are working on stitching up a waterproof bag for the rack to mount up.

gonna take some photos to send out soon. New commute starts monday, moving out of town, ride in consisits of dirt roads and single track, will get you some artsy shots to post around.


D n L said...

cant wait to see that rack powdercoated! i have a feeling it looks quite nice.
once i get this frame done and back into rack-mode i was thinking of making a couple variations of the woven platform.
are there any online pictures of your co-workers racks and frames?