Wednesday, March 18, 2009

run of bad luck

having some acetylene tank and supply issues. cant do any brazing. hope to rectify the issues soon.

i will take advantage of this downtime:
(the few who have seen it will understand the nature of this undertaking)

when we moved in i never really organized anything, yet i know exactly where everything is among the piles, bins, and random locations. aesthetically, it is NOT pleasing.

a brief list off the top of my head of the goods i have in stock up in the loft:

i have a crate of forks, from all sorts of bikes.
baskets of hubs, bins of hubs, good hubs, crappy hubs, unique hubs, rare hubs.
piles of rims, new and used, clinchers and surprising number of tubulars.
boxes of spokes.
a large pile of random hardware.
multiple bins of various cranks, from fancy to farty.
more than one ammo case stuffed with chainrings.
many bins and baskets of brakes, derailluers, shifters, levers, pedals, etc.
straight block and close range freewheels, various 5, 6, 7, and 8 spd varieties.
a fair amount of stuff that was there before me including a couch with no cushions and a recliner.
various old doors and other weird stuff, some remnants of farm equipement.
oh ya, and bc its a barn, there is a good helping of bird poop spread among the goodies.

on the ground level:

all the bikes and frames.
huge pile of wheels.
massive stack of tires, a few should be thrown out.
the nicer rims.
the REALLY good stuff is safely stowed away in drawers.
tools and equipment.

we will see how this goes....


alex wetmore said...

Good luck and I hope you take some photos.

I did a major reorganization (including moving walls) of my basement about a year ago to get a better workspace. It's an ongoing process, but I certainly like the new basement a lot better than the original one. The basic reconstruction and reorg took 2 weeks of full time work.

Tom said...

I have to admit to some barn envy here. Yeah photos would be cool! Before and after.

Good luck with your tanks.