Monday, March 9, 2009

photo update

been kinda lax about blogging this past week, but fear not, rack things are still happening.

worn out my phil wood bottom bracket is. a good bit of end-play in the cranks, and rumbly rumbles. time to get replacement bearings i guess. a bit sooner than i had expected to say the least.

frame bits and pieces scattered about.
removing those pesky lawyer tabs
mock up HT/DT junction. 25.4mm tube mitered at about 57degrees to meet a 31.8 tube. both are about .9mm wall thickness. loads of heat distortion on the "head tube". my actual HT is a much heftier wall thickness so the distortion will be much less (hopefully!).
practice practice practice!
friend of squirrels
man-sized covered bridge. weird.


Tom said...

It is a man-sized covered bridge, but it could shelter a whole convoy of those squirrels.

How long have you had the Phil bb?

D n L said...

had the BB about 3yrs.

ive had the same shimano 105 octalink BB in service for like 7 yrs!!!