Wednesday, March 11, 2009

getting better

been using nickel-silver for the fillets mostly. only bc im running very low on brass. the brass colored one is the 4th, and looks pretty good.

hacked em all up to pieces to see how things looked. pretty good, no porosities a good amount of filler. ive been very roughly finishing them to see where the low spots are so i can make sure the next one is better.
below is the 5th fake head tube. used minimal flux on this one for 2 reasons. 1, im almost out and i need to save some for rack operations, and 2, to really work on heat control. getting in and out as quick as possible to reduce the amount of time the tubes are heated, which will reduce distortion and other metallurgical changes in the steel. using less flux means i have less time before the flux is "spent" and starts to char.
you can see the low spots that i need to pay more attention to on the next one. functionally any of these would be strong enough, and i could use bondo or silver or something to fill the gaps for painting, but i dont wanna!
latest incarnation of the fixer. swapped on some wider bars and a shorter stem. feels much much better now. looks fast.

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