Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This Week in Rack Building

basically done, little bit of finish work, and some bungee tie-downs to put on.
doing the legs as a sub-assembly helps keep things in alignment.
update on the mega rack. still have some adjustable canti-mount tabs to install, make the canti-post attachments, additional bracing on the legs, adjustable mounts for lowrider eyelet equipped forks, the rear support for the platform, and the fork crown piece for a 26" fork. phwew, getting there though!
this is what i made my parents for christmas, havent had a chance to take a picture for some time.


Tom said...

The mega rack is a monster!! Is there some purpose in particular it's designed for? other than hauling a ton of stuff over vast distances?

I was also wondering if you could say a bit about your pre-production process -- do you work from drawings, or do you just start cutting?

D n L said...

the mega rack is intended to fit 26" and 700c, be crown mounted, or cantilever post mount, and have the pannier supports be removable. obviously one would want to use the canti-mount when carrying front panniers!

im all over the place with this.
i dont work from full size drawings. i make little doodle type sketched to get a feel for the "look" of the rack.
sometimes i just make a bunch of platforms, arbitrarily sized, and sometimes i have a platform dimension in mind i work from. very frequently the design gets tweaked throughout the build.
so... i guess you could say i just start cutting!