Sunday, February 8, 2009

surly cross check and LHT fender brackets

a little pet peeve of mine regarding surly crosscheck and LHT bikes--
because "fatties fit fine" the axle to crown length on these bikes is longer than many other bikes of the same touring/cross family. the longer a-c means the fender sits real high on the tire. aesthetically this doesnt work for me. i want my front fender to hug the tire! so i made a few of these:
if you run the tab through the slot on the fender, you can use presta nut spacers to raise the fender higher, as long as you have enough tire clearance under the tab, plus there is about 5-7mm of vertical travel on the bracket at the crown.

the tire mounted is a continental travel contact 35mm.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get those yellow fenders. I'm a big fan of the color yellow. If you can reply to (no speed) at