Wednesday, February 11, 2009

morning ride

as laura was leaving to ride to work she told me i need to go out for a morning ride...ya ya ya i have work to do i told her. then i walked outside, and caught a whiff of the air...ahhh the smell of spring! so i had to go out and ride! photo documentation below.

good thing im a bicyclist, not a ped.
endless love, of hunting
dont mess with this tree
even though it feels like spring, its still winter
hanging out in 2 states at once
i found this piece of plastic in my trash. it is almost as if it was made for this!
lots of cool stuff like this hidden all over the area


Fxdwhl said...

that's still a sketchy ass bridge. nice to see you reycled my recycled coroplast splash guard. what bag is that?

Steve said...

Wow, where was that last picture taken? I'd love to ride around there.

D n L said...


upper bucks county PA
old structures like this littered all over the place.

tom said...

Beautiful country.

On a completely unrelated note, I came across this on the Surly blog and found this:

For bike-riding Dans everywhere. You must read to the last page for full effect.

Keep on truckin'!

D n L said...

wow. you know the weird thing is i kinda look like that guy on the last page.