Friday, December 5, 2008

carradice rack v1.2

almost a duplicate of the first one, but a couple improvements. sits a little lower, to give a tad more space in a carradice for jam-packing it. it is also a little bit longer, to give a little flexibility in strapping things to a carradice or when using the long-flap on a carradice... or maybe if you're not using a carradice but still want to lash a few things down. also changed the mounting point to the brake bridge, didnt necessarily improve it, but made it a little nicer looking. on with the pictures!

all dummied up, final fitting of the copes.

all fluxed up for tacking on the bike, then i finish the brazing off bike.
the carradice mounted up.

the details:

one other thing that it does-- itll hold any std saddlebag quite well (mounted upside-down).


Jim G said...

this is GREAT -- keep up the awesome work!

jason said...

uhhhhh wooow. droool. soo much nicer and better execution than the bagman that I am currently using.....

Tom said...

Smart design, nice details!

Steve J. said...

Looking good. Glad to see you're always looking for improvements. If only my frame had mounts for a rack, I could really use one of these.