Saturday, November 8, 2008

stainless update

this one is nearly done, just waiting for the next tubing order, ran out of stainless tubing. legs are done but not pictured.
this is my first stainless rack, i learned a good bit from it.
see the center tube? thats not optical distortion from the camera, thats heat distortion. to get the nickel silver to "flow" properly i have to get the tubes very hot. 304 stainless is already malleable to start with (compared to 4130), so getting the temp up to 1800+deg F makes it even harder to keep things put.
i think for my next stainless rack i will use 50N silver. much lower temp to wet it out, and easy to build a uniform little fillet. i used that for the eyelets on the platform and the legs. only disavantage of silver is the price. $20+/oz, whereas nickel silver or brass is $20/lbs!!!!

this rack was designed and will be thoroughly loaded and tested by fxdwhl, post 1, post 2. he is still testing a rack from my first batch.


Fxdwhl said...

dude, so when's the tubing comng in? Back might need a break from the mess bag.

D n L said...

when i run out of 4130

i have a rack i can loan you for the meantime.