Friday, November 21, 2008

new goodies

this past weekend was the
we picked up some new goodies

new redesigned brooks saddle raincover. this one actually feels like it will be waterproof (compared to the last mode). ill still be using an insurance plastic bag beneath it though.
rainlegs, for those rainy rides to work.
smartwool socks. now with wool on wool technology.
fancy bits- crane brass bell and gilles-berthoud handlebar bag. gonna need a new rack for that!
camping equip, cookery.
where did i get all this fine-practical-utilitarian-commuter-touring cyclist stuff? TROPHY BIKES!


Fxdwhl said...

I think you'll we pleasantly suprised with how comfy the rain legs are. curoius to test mine in the cold alone just to cut out the wind.

D n L said...

the size M fits me very well. i am really impressed with the very well shaped fit of them.

reverend dick said...

Please to ride and report on the rainlegs. (esp. since fxdwhl has been falling down on the job with this...)

Your Tron socks freak me out.

Sweet bag. Nice pot.

D n L said...

the tron socks arent mine, theyre lauras. you thought i had pretty sexy legs, didnt you?

Fxdwhl said...

falling down? please reference back to October 28th and my report on both the rain legs and o2 jacket.

in short; I like them. didn't use them this morning as I beat the heavier snow to work. melting now however.

reverend dick said...

falling down. I want to know what they've done for you LATELY, and the intial report is just a honeymoon. Let's hear how it goes when the going gets miserable.