Thursday, October 30, 2008

in the works

had this idea bouncing around "upstairs" for a while, finally got it onto some paper. porteur rack with removable pannier supports. also, additional removable mounting points at the cantilever posts, mid-fork mounts, or p-clamp for when the pannier supports are in use.


reverend dick said...

Wow. Daddy like.

phil varner said...

The porteur + pannier combo was why I bought a Pass and Stow, though they're not removable or a "full" pannier mount (only the top bar) and the deck is smaller than a true porteur.

I don't think you need to make the mounting points removable, I think this would just make installing the pannier mounts more cumbersome.

I think to make the pannier supports removable, I would do 5-6 support points, but make 3 of them screws and 3 of them slip tubing, like Alex Wetmore's convertible front rack. That would make it sturdy, but still quick to install.

jason said...

Interesting. I really liked the Nitto Campee rack and pannier system when I mounted them up for a customer. Really simple, though your tolerances need to be spot on.

What using a bolt on front wheel and incorporating that into a hardpoint for the pannier support? Just thinking about the old bikes I work on daily.

We've also added some more to the musuem recently. A Rhygn Rasta bike, 1993 radness, and a nos schwin orange crate.

D n L said...

gonna muddle through this "prototype" with the ideas i had and see what comes of it.

i like the ideas being bounced around though... the the wheel axle mount, and the wetmore-slip fitting are both ideas that may be incorporated into the next iteration.

reverend dick said...

d n l- What is your best guesstimate on pricing for this?

D n L said...

shoot me an email via the 'contact me' link in the right sidebar