Thursday, August 7, 2008

mechanical failure

2 nights ago
approx 11pm
one headlight for 2 of us (on lauras bike)
about 1mi from home
at the base of a very steep 1/2mi grunt of a climb
38:25, outta the saddle
oh f---
hoofed the rest of the hill, then laura graciously towed me the rest of the way, with a couple madisons thrown in for fun.

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Cafn8 said...

The funny thing about breaking a chain on a steep uphill is that you don't really expect to ever need your brakes on a steep uphill. So one instant you're grinding up a steep hill, the next you're realizing what happened and grabbing for brakes. Hopefully your momentum is enough to carry you between "snap" and "grab". Otherwise you find yourself coasting backwards down a hill, perhaps even crashing into your slower friend. Now that's comedy.