Tuesday, April 22, 2008

recent activities

didnt go into the shop sunday, at all... holy hannah! instead i worked from home. made some good progress on 1 of 2 racks im currently working on.
made some bends for the frame.
fitting up the copes, the tighter the stronger.
post braze, basic frame done.
2 braces brazed, 3rd being fit.

must take your time fitting these guys! gotta keep the copes perfectly aligned, and one extra file stroke can remove enough material for it to fit loose. i have a 4th brace that i mistakingly removed too much metal from. into the scrap bin with it, it will definately be reused later for something!

platform done! some soaking is in order now.

post soak, little bit of wire brushing and sanding.

that evening i also started on the fork crown widget, its gonna be a fancy one. when it starts to looking like something ill photograph it.

time to git back to it!

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