Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new rubber, no tubes

got some new 29r tires. originally was going to try the conti mountain king, but upon installation i found it is the narrowest 2.2" tire i have ever seen. i have used conti mtn tires in the past and i was dissapointed in the advertised width vs actual width. i decided to give em another shot, but they blew it! no conti mtn tires for me, ever again! (just to set the record straight i have absolutely no problems with any continental road tires.)

so, i chose the geax saguaro 2.2". nice volume, was a little hesitant about the tread pattern and the size of the corner knobs, but i am happy with the performance. the corner knobs arent huge, but they wrap around the side nicely. they also roll really well, comparable to schwalbe nobby nic and racing ralph that i have ridden in the past. the geax have a very supple casing. i noticed some unique characteristics of the casing as well...at low speeds the casing is very soft and i can feel it wrapping around the roots/rocks. at high speeds rolling over "trail stuff" the casing feels much more rigid. maybe that is the advertised "tuned spring rate casing" in full effect? in any case, i like it!

also went tubeless for the first time. not sure why it took me so long, just procrastination i guess...


Max said...

no tubes? wow high roller

d & l said...

no not high rollers, saguaros!