Monday, April 7, 2008

MTC- multi terrain cycling

went for an awesome road(ish) ride this sunday. only bloggin' it cause chris called me out. lots of climbing, lots of descending, some mountain bike trails, and fire roads thrown in too. a swell mix! for a road ride, it had a mountain bike ride format. climb climb climb climb, then a balls out descent. now repeat! snagged few pictures, nothing spectacular though.old timey sepia-tones of some coal-burnin'. (sepiatone was lattemann's idea)

the trail leading to the lookout where the above sepia photo was taken. fun stuff on a 'cross bike.tomorrow is tues, should get some rack building done after a morning excursion to tohickon/high rocks/ralph stover with co-workers.


Fxdwhl said...

Hey look at that, a picture of me! Never seen one since you hoard all your pics!

I'll need to call you out from now on.

Did the shoo-fly pie save the day?

d & l said...

the shoo-fly was an added bonus, but i think it would have worked out either way!