Tuesday, April 22, 2008

recent activities

didnt go into the shop sunday, at all... holy hannah! instead i worked from home. made some good progress on 1 of 2 racks im currently working on.
made some bends for the frame.
fitting up the copes, the tighter the stronger.
post braze, basic frame done.
2 braces brazed, 3rd being fit.

must take your time fitting these guys! gotta keep the copes perfectly aligned, and one extra file stroke can remove enough material for it to fit loose. i have a 4th brace that i mistakingly removed too much metal from. into the scrap bin with it, it will definately be reused later for something!

platform done! some soaking is in order now.

post soak, little bit of wire brushing and sanding.

that evening i also started on the fork crown widget, its gonna be a fancy one. when it starts to looking like something ill photograph it.

time to git back to it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new rubber, no tubes

got some new 29r tires. originally was going to try the conti mountain king, but upon installation i found it is the narrowest 2.2" tire i have ever seen. i have used conti mtn tires in the past and i was dissapointed in the advertised width vs actual width. i decided to give em another shot, but they blew it! no conti mtn tires for me, ever again! (just to set the record straight i have absolutely no problems with any continental road tires.)

so, i chose the geax saguaro 2.2". nice volume, was a little hesitant about the tread pattern and the size of the corner knobs, but i am happy with the performance. the corner knobs arent huge, but they wrap around the side nicely. they also roll really well, comparable to schwalbe nobby nic and racing ralph that i have ridden in the past. the geax have a very supple casing. i noticed some unique characteristics of the casing as well...at low speeds the casing is very soft and i can feel it wrapping around the roots/rocks. at high speeds rolling over "trail stuff" the casing feels much more rigid. maybe that is the advertised "tuned spring rate casing" in full effect? in any case, i like it!

also went tubeless for the first time. not sure why it took me so long, just procrastination i guess...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

lefty fender

it is done, and more rigid than ever! used 1/4x.028" (maybe .035) tubing, .063 strip for the fender plate, and .071 strip for the eyelet tab. i suppose i should make a matching one for the rear, but its not a high priority. time to get back to the racks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

what is it?

taking care of a little side project.... but what is it?!

stay tuned to find out....

Monday, April 7, 2008

MTC- multi terrain cycling

went for an awesome road(ish) ride this sunday. only bloggin' it cause chris called me out. lots of climbing, lots of descending, some mountain bike trails, and fire roads thrown in too. a swell mix! for a road ride, it had a mountain bike ride format. climb climb climb climb, then a balls out descent. now repeat! snagged few pictures, nothing spectacular though.old timey sepia-tones of some coal-burnin'. (sepiatone was lattemann's idea)

the trail leading to the lookout where the above sepia photo was taken. fun stuff on a 'cross bike.tomorrow is tues, should get some rack building done after a morning excursion to tohickon/high rocks/ralph stover with co-workers.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

long time no blog

been a busy week! fooled around in the barn on my long awaited day-off.

this next porteur rack was gonna be pretty much the same as chris'. but, i started changing it up as soon as the basic frame was done. side-to-side crossmember like on my canti-mount, and angled front-to-back cross members. the angled tubes are a lot more work than cross-members that parallel and square.
angled tubes need to be jigged up to hold them in place, rather than just squeezed in like 90degree tubes.
they also require a lot of stop-and-go filing and continuous checking to ensure that the copes are lined up, and at the right angle.

after i got that last tube brazed into place i went out for a road ride with laura and her friend beth. i have not been riding much at all lately, aside from turtle paced commuting once or twice a week. this ride kicked my butt. it was only 13.6 miles, but at a very fast pace. i definately got dropped on the last third of the loop, but luckily the ladies waited up for me down the road. i could make some excuses like im on 35mm tires, have front and rear racks, fenders, etc, but unfortunately the bike had very little to do with it! all in all it was a lot of fun-- i definately need to get back to riding regularly.