Tuesday, March 18, 2008

womens specific porteur rack

okay not really, but i made it for laura and she requested a heart on it...so its more like a laura specific rack, or LSR for short.
took advantage of my "day off" from work. i use quotations because i went to the shop for a couple hours to tie up some loose ends. oof. when do i get a real day off?

still have a bit of finish work for this rack, but at least it is usable. sorry about the dark photos, took them at dusk, i dislike using the flash. better pictures will come at a later date, after the finish work. maybe ill actually do some painting! i think laura mentioned pink...

out of tubing for the most part, luckily i put in an order yesterday. not sure what i will do next....any ideas out there? im thinking maybe a rear rack for laura...or another canti mount front, or maybe a 4 point mount porteur, one that attaches to the canti's and the fender eyelets, but not the fork crown. i still have my 3/4 completed canti-rear, maybe i can do something with that.... decisions decisions!


Fxdwhl said...

I like. If you paint it pink, make the rear rack match, see I am your paint consultant.

Smudgemo said...

Yeah, custom racks are cool. Nice work.