Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a glue-sniffin' good time

had to glue up 3 tubulars today at work. a zipp speed weaponry 303 wheelset, and a custom wheelbuild i completed last week. a zipp 285 (rim on the 303 wheelset) laced to a black cylceops powertap sl2.4 using black sapim cx-ray spokes with black aluminum sapim polyax nipples. very sexy looking, and VERY expensive. oh ya, i forgot to mention the FULL Ti campagnolo record 12-25 cassette. all three wheels were for the same gentleman.

i also got in some goodies from the west coast. stainless steel 3/8" rack lugs. courtesy of brett flemming and efficient velo tools. they make very well designed bike shop tools aimed at increasing service efficiency, which they certainly do. look for these on a rack sometime in the next 6 months (hey, at least im being honest).

1 comment:

Max said...

power taps rule. also keep up the good work