Tuesday, March 25, 2008

fender rattle

finally took care of that pesky fender rattle. scrap of brake cable and a pair of holes did the job. looks kinda cool too.


Jim G said...

How did you fasten that bit of cable inside the fender?

d & l said...

hehe...thats why i didnt post a picture of the bottom side. ;^)

im still working on a nice clean way to do it. will probably drill press a small hole in a bit of 5mm hardware and use a nut to secure it.

what i did for now was twist the 2 ends safety wire style, then cap the ends with cable end-crimps, then tucked those ends up through the twisted mess. so i just sort of tied a hap-hazard knot with metal wires! if it lasts i wont even bother fabricating the nut/bolt!