Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a dilemna

so i have a butt-load of tubing that arrived a few days ago. the only problem is that (for the most part) all of my personal cargo rack needs have been filled.

i have found myself standing in the barn looking at 20+ ft of tubing and having no idea what to build with it. i think i need another guinea pig! i will build the next rack for the cost of tubing and supplies (brass, flux, oxy/fuel). the same deal fxdwhl got. depending on the complexity of the rack expect $50-80 worth of tubing. but, you must understand that i have only built 4.5 racks thus far. using one of my racks will increase the utility and usefulness of your cycle.

if you ride a cross-check it is a plus, bc then i can build a front rack without having to see your bicycle at all. rear racks are a different story altogether. if it is some other bike i can build the platform portion sans-bike, but i will definately need the bike breifly to fit the stays.

so i ask- what do you need? a rack for hauling around copy boxes? cases of beer (or cola)? small animals? large animals? your attache case?


Fxdwhl said...

Build one for Peter to use and one to display in the shop. Make'm purdy too.

Eric said...

I had this is Eric Morgan. Not sure if you remember me but I bought the schwinn traveler off you a while back and would come in trophy.

I saw your racks and if you are interested in a guinea pig I'd definetly be interested.

Contact me at ericmorgan58(at)hotmail.com. Talk to you soon.

d & l said...

eric, of course i remember who you are! come on man! seriously! check yer email

d & l said...

eric, your email address is not working for me.

jason said...

not local to the PA area, but I use my fixie cross check up here in northern vt for commuting and dirt road exploring.

Would love to chat about getting a rack built up.

jachilich at gmail