Sunday, March 2, 2008

critters in the barn

frequently when i go into the barn there are birds in it, sometimes other animals.

usually they are starlings, which are not too intelligent. i will open the bar doors all the way, which is like a 10x10ft opening, and they decide to fly into the window above the massive door. oh well.

i also see small finches and sparrows fluttering through, and they often land on the tires, handlebars, saddles, or frame tubes of the bikes inside, its really cute. ill try to get a picture of that in the future.

today laura informed me there is a mourning dove in there, a hooo hooo hooooooooo-ing.

my favorite critter that i see is the eastern short-tailed shrew. he is pretty big and healthy for a shrew, there must be a lot of tasty grubs around for him. there is one hole in a corner that he uses as his entrance/exit that i will see him scurrying to and from.

i know this doesnt really pertain to rack building, but i do see these creatures while im in there working. i just wanted to keep it fresh for my peoples.

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