Tuesday, March 25, 2008

fender rattle

finally took care of that pesky fender rattle. scrap of brake cable and a pair of holes did the job. looks kinda cool too.

a dilemna

so i have a butt-load of tubing that arrived a few days ago. the only problem is that (for the most part) all of my personal cargo rack needs have been filled.

i have found myself standing in the barn looking at 20+ ft of tubing and having no idea what to build with it. i think i need another guinea pig! i will build the next rack for the cost of tubing and supplies (brass, flux, oxy/fuel). the same deal fxdwhl got. depending on the complexity of the rack expect $50-80 worth of tubing. but, you must understand that i have only built 4.5 racks thus far. using one of my racks will increase the utility and usefulness of your cycle.

if you ride a cross-check it is a plus, bc then i can build a front rack without having to see your bicycle at all. rear racks are a different story altogether. if it is some other bike i can build the platform portion sans-bike, but i will definately need the bike breifly to fit the stays.

so i ask- what do you need? a rack for hauling around copy boxes? cases of beer (or cola)? small animals? large animals? your attache case?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a glue-sniffin' good time

had to glue up 3 tubulars today at work. a zipp speed weaponry 303 wheelset, and a custom wheelbuild i completed last week. a zipp 285 (rim on the 303 wheelset) laced to a black cylceops powertap sl2.4 using black sapim cx-ray spokes with black aluminum sapim polyax nipples. very sexy looking, and VERY expensive. oh ya, i forgot to mention the FULL Ti campagnolo record 12-25 cassette. all three wheels were for the same gentleman.

i also got in some goodies from the west coast. stainless steel 3/8" rack lugs. courtesy of brett flemming and efficient velo tools. they make very well designed bike shop tools aimed at increasing service efficiency, which they certainly do. look for these on a rack sometime in the next 6 months (hey, at least im being honest).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

womens specific porteur rack

okay not really, but i made it for laura and she requested a heart on it...so its more like a laura specific rack, or LSR for short.
took advantage of my "day off" from work. i use quotations because i went to the shop for a couple hours to tie up some loose ends. oof. when do i get a real day off?

still have a bit of finish work for this rack, but at least it is usable. sorry about the dark photos, took them at dusk, i dislike using the flash. better pictures will come at a later date, after the finish work. maybe ill actually do some painting! i think laura mentioned pink...

out of tubing for the most part, luckily i put in an order yesterday. not sure what i will do next....any ideas out there? im thinking maybe a rear rack for laura...or another canti mount front, or maybe a 4 point mount porteur, one that attaches to the canti's and the fender eyelets, but not the fork crown. i still have my 3/4 completed canti-rear, maybe i can do something with that.... decisions decisions!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

just some more pics

been working a lot lately. can never seem to accomplish everything i want to in a day...here are some pics from the last work session. post braze pre soak picture of the rear cargor support and fork crown piece, and also another angle of the same old crap!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

post blog building

felt the urge to get a little more done on lauras porteur rack. brazed the fork crown doo-hicky, now all thats left is the mainstays, and maybe some supports, not sure yet though. toying around with some different ideas of where to attach the struts. maybe tomorrow evening after work ill finish it up, maybe not.
this one is definately lighter duty than my last porteur, now employed by chris. i have used thinner gauge tubing across the board with this one, and the mounts that connect to the fork dropout are much smaller. this is why i am thinking i may not need extra supports for the main stays, because they would be overkill. we'll see what happens.

almost there

finished the platform and the mounting points. time to fit it to the bike, laura's crosscheck, or any crosscheck.

oh ya, i saw the shrew again today.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

tired of symmetry

started on a new front before finishing the old rear. not sure what im going to do with the partially built rear. possibly just hack it up and use the scraps down the road, or hack parts of it up and change it the way i see fit.

worked a half day at the shop on tues, my day off, to take care of some business that i couldnt get to monday. the shop is now open wednesday for spring, so that ate up another 'rack day.' still got a good amount accomplished on the latest rack for 2 very partial work sessions.

would have got the rear cargo support brazed, but i broke 2 drill bits within 5 minutes, leaving me with nothing to drill vent holes. first one broke when i accidentally knocked over the drill, snapping the first bit. the second broke during normal use, JRA. this rack is initially going on laura's cross check, but will find a home on mine it if i need it!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

critters in the barn

frequently when i go into the barn there are birds in it, sometimes other animals.

usually they are starlings, which are not too intelligent. i will open the bar doors all the way, which is like a 10x10ft opening, and they decide to fly into the window above the massive door. oh well.

i also see small finches and sparrows fluttering through, and they often land on the tires, handlebars, saddles, or frame tubes of the bikes inside, its really cute. ill try to get a picture of that in the future.

today laura informed me there is a mourning dove in there, a hooo hooo hooooooooo-ing.

my favorite critter that i see is the eastern short-tailed shrew. he is pretty big and healthy for a shrew, there must be a lot of tasty grubs around for him. there is one hole in a corner that he uses as his entrance/exit that i will see him scurrying to and from.

i know this doesnt really pertain to rack building, but i do see these creatures while im in there working. i just wanted to keep it fresh for my peoples.