Thursday, February 28, 2008

scott clinic

today after work we had a clinic on scott bikes with our regional rep. now im not a huge carbon fiber fan, but...

scott is pretty darn cutting edge in their construction process, years ahead of everyone else. their weight to price ratio is way better than other manufactorers. they have the lightest frames in the world. check out their CR1 line, and the Addict line. they also have some amazingly light carbon mountain frames, 4.5" of travel and weighing 4 pounds. yowsaz! no 29ers yet but they are on the way.

dont worry, im still gonna stick with steel though.


Max said...

scott bicycles, proud sponsor of the temple university cycling club.

small problem, even with their team discount just a hair out of the budget of college students. THANKS BREAKAWAY

d & l said...

thats a shame. id like to see you an a 790g addict frame.

Max said...

dont you wish.
im happy with my blue