Sunday, February 17, 2008

first timer

for a long time i didnt understand what all the hub-bub with these so called 'blogs' were about.  i also resisted getting a cell phone till just recently though...(within the past 6mnths)
when i started reading my friend chris's blog frequently i started to 'get it.'  when he started posting pictures of stuff i have created and i realized people could post comments, and they were posting nice comments about my handy work i decided to start my own blog to display what im up to in my barn.   


gwadzilla said...

blogs are blah!


my blog is to me what your barn is to you

I build on my computer

nice handiwork!

very pretty rack!

d & l said...

thanks. i checked out you blog, i like the awakening sculpture, and your cyclist spy photos. ill be checking up on you :)