Monday, February 25, 2008

extra forks

having an extra surly crosscheck fork aids in the construction process. first, mock up the rack on the bike to get the dimensions, angles, and all that jazz right. then use the extra fork as a jig. here's an older pic from my first porteur rack. it is also not uncommon to do the tacking on the bike, just gotta be careful with where the flame is pointing, dont want to ingnite my bartape or toast the paint. so far so good.

tomorrow i am having a business lunch with the VP of cannondale, our rep, and some others from the shop. as you may have heard dorel has purchased cannondale so i am curious to hear what is in store for the c'dale IBDs of the world. maybe by wed ill have some time to complete the rear canti-mount or start another porteur for up front, since my first one now happily hauls stuff in shillington.

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