Tuesday, February 19, 2008

distracting yet fun

didnt get as much done on the new rack today as i would have liked.

had to do some automotive repair on my car. 2003 ford focus zx3. on this car it is common for the sway bar end links to wear out after about 90xxxmi. all four of ours went at about 91xxx. replaced them all about 2 months ago. after about 1-2000mi later the horrid clunking came back, only the front this time though. last time i get replacement parts from pepboys! went to a local auto parts store and got moog brand, lifetime warranty is nice. plus they have zerk fittings which is a bonus. got all that done by noon.

then came more distractions....the wood pile. sometimes i just cant resist splitting wood. after i got that out of my system i could finally get some real work done.

made 2 struts that connect the rear rack mounts on the bike to the rack, and one foot that connects from the canti post to the rack, im soaking the flux off that now. ill put up some pics tomorrow. once i get the other canti foot done, the rest of the rack should come together quickly and easily. so far the connecting points take me a while to complete.

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gwadzilla said...

I get so much done when I am procrastinating