Thursday, February 28, 2008

scott clinic

today after work we had a clinic on scott bikes with our regional rep. now im not a huge carbon fiber fan, but...

scott is pretty darn cutting edge in their construction process, years ahead of everyone else. their weight to price ratio is way better than other manufactorers. they have the lightest frames in the world. check out their CR1 line, and the Addict line. they also have some amazingly light carbon mountain frames, 4.5" of travel and weighing 4 pounds. yowsaz! no 29ers yet but they are on the way.

dont worry, im still gonna stick with steel though.

some nice shots

mr. lattemann took these photos of my first porteur:

nice pictures, even captured the small details that i never bothered to photo.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

getting somewhere

made some definate progress. had some alignment issues with this one. it took a fair amount of cold-setting to get it where i wanted it. not to upset about all the taking place, i just see it as a quality control check. didnt get as much done as i would have liked, a bit of my time went into chainsawing and splitting; gotta keep the cats warm. tomorrow is a long day at work, dont think ill have the time to finish this rack for a few days. oh poo.

Monday, February 25, 2008

extra forks

having an extra surly crosscheck fork aids in the construction process. first, mock up the rack on the bike to get the dimensions, angles, and all that jazz right. then use the extra fork as a jig. here's an older pic from my first porteur rack. it is also not uncommon to do the tacking on the bike, just gotta be careful with where the flame is pointing, dont want to ingnite my bartape or toast the paint. so far so good.

tomorrow i am having a business lunch with the VP of cannondale, our rep, and some others from the shop. as you may have heard dorel has purchased cannondale so i am curious to hear what is in store for the c'dale IBDs of the world. maybe by wed ill have some time to complete the rear canti-mount or start another porteur for up front, since my first one now happily hauls stuff in shillington.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

work work work

this full time job thing really eats up a lot of my rack building time. since i work at a bike shop working weekends are sort of expected. hopefully ill be able to get sunday off to do some mtbing, conditions permitting.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

long day

oof, went in at 930, got home at 1130. every other thurs is a staff meeting, it officially ended around 930, but i hung around shootin the shit with the boss man for a while. no time for racks tonight.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

canti-mount front

finally got some pics of my latest rack. its not officially done, i have to do some filing/cleaning of the joints, and cap the open ends of the tube. im saving the caps for when my upcoming rear rack is done, i will do all the silver brazing in one shot.

also brazed a cross member to the rack stays for the rear. dont have a post braze photo, but heres a fit test. nice tight miters (technically its coped, not mitered)!

pics from yesterday

heres what i accomplished yesterday. i feel that i overheated portions of the "canti-foot." i definately need more practice balancing the heat between a .073 strip and a .035 tube, or any thick piece of metal to a thin piece for that matter. i dont think that the actual joint was overheated as i kept an eye on the color the whole time keeping it at a bright red, but the edges of the strip were definately glowing yellow/orange at some points. joining tube to tube is much more predictable than joining a strip to a tube.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

distracting yet fun

didnt get as much done on the new rack today as i would have liked.

had to do some automotive repair on my car. 2003 ford focus zx3. on this car it is common for the sway bar end links to wear out after about 90xxxmi. all four of ours went at about 91xxx. replaced them all about 2 months ago. after about 1-2000mi later the horrid clunking came back, only the front this time though. last time i get replacement parts from pepboys! went to a local auto parts store and got moog brand, lifetime warranty is nice. plus they have zerk fittings which is a bonus. got all that done by noon.

then came more distractions....the wood pile. sometimes i just cant resist splitting wood. after i got that out of my system i could finally get some real work done.

made 2 struts that connect the rear rack mounts on the bike to the rack, and one foot that connects from the canti post to the rack, im soaking the flux off that now. ill put up some pics tomorrow. once i get the other canti foot done, the rest of the rack should come together quickly and easily. so far the connecting points take me a while to complete.

racks already made

i have also made a canti-mount front rack, have yet to photograph. next one is in the design phase, will probably start on it today... another carradice support, but this time rear canti mount to match nicely with the front.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

first timer

for a long time i didnt understand what all the hub-bub with these so called 'blogs' were about.  i also resisted getting a cell phone till just recently though...(within the past 6mnths)
when i started reading my friend chris's blog frequently i started to 'get it.'  when he started posting pictures of stuff i have created and i realized people could post comments, and they were posting nice comments about my handy work i decided to start my own blog to display what im up to in my barn.